Bump Update: Weeks 23 – 25!

Weeks: 23 – 25


Baby is now the size of a(n): Head of Cauliflower

Physically feeling: Pretty great! We have been having a heat wave in Washington State, so, I have spent many afternoons floating at the pool. Physically, I have had lots of aches and pains as baby grows. As my lovely uterus gets huge, I have had a lot of acid reflux and pain in ribs as they separate.

Diet: Yes. Seriously though, I have definitely had an appetite lately. I am definitely ready for each snack/meal time. I’ve been eating lots of fresh berries, white fish and cinnamon bears. I swear this baby loves cinnamon bears.

Exercise: Quite a bit more consistent but not back to my normal self. Still taking prenatal yoga, doing some swimming, taking spin and step aerobics (but, not consistently), lots of walks!

Emotional Scale (1-10): 6. I had a MAJOR meltdown over my weight last week. Besides that, I have been pretty consistent. It is extremely difficult to go from constantly being aware of my body (read, not letting the scale increase too much before taking action), to needing to gain weight for the health of this baby. This mental shift is not natural for me and is definitely difficult.

General thoughts: The baby’s room now has a theme! I made a few purchases this week and started a registry. Nice to get a few things moving in the right direction!

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A Game of Numbers

When I started this blog, the barriers that I pictured myself discussing were plateaus – I just can’t master a pull-up or a double under, I have a stubborn trouble area that I can’t seem to impact, etc. I really did not picture myself covering topics like mommy bullying, being an advocate for counseling or detailing my journey travelling for a long-term assignment for work.
I fully expect when I am past this stage of life (having a child), I am sure I will return to my intense goals and want to pursue the most fit version of myself possible. But for right now, my current barrier that I am overcoming is this…

The doctor’s office scale.

Every other time in your life, an ever expanding body is reason for concern. Ummm…I weighed 130 this week and now weigh 135. WHAT THE HECK? During this odd time that is pregnancy, I have read a lot about the “right” way to gain weight, how much to gain, when to gain, etc. Having a history of an eating disorder, I cannot tell you how many counseling appointments my therapist has suggested that I get rid of my scale, for once and for all. She’ll remind me, like truly I already know:

What really is in a number?
Does a number accurately assess our strength?
Is a number a true prediction of fitness level?

If you have achieved your “goal weight” and yet cannot run a mile or do a full pushup, is that your ideal size? I think not. But…for every ideal image I have of dramatically throwing a bonfire and in a final burst of empowerment, burning my scale once and for all, I don’t. You see, for as much as I hate to admit it – I care. I care about that stupid number. Every bit of me hates how much I care.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I am 23 weeks pregnant. I have gained 15 pounds. Great, they exclaimed! You are right on track. Try to not increase your speed of gaining, but, stay consistent. All I could hear was my number. I hate that number. I get it, I know that weight gain is so important for a healthy pregnancy and the most important thing at this point is that I do everything in my power to have a healthy pregnancy.

However, a life of caring does not immediately go away because the goals for a period of time have changed. Continue reading

Bump News: 21 and 22 Week Updates!

Week: 21 and 22


22 weeks

Baby is now the size of a(n): Spaghetti Squash

Physically feeling: Kind of up and down. I have had a ton of discomfort over the last week. Turns out during this week of pregnancy, my stomach is moving up in my body to make room for baby. This is a super comfortable process (note sarcasm).

Diet: Incorporating back eggs and smoothies. Trying lots of new veggies in my snazzy weekly delivery dinner box (more in a separate post).

Exercise: Quite a bit more consistent but not back to my normal self.
Week 21: 2 days of step aerobics, spinning, 2 long walks
Week 22: Yoga, step aerobics, weight training, more long walks

Emotional Scale (1-10): 6 – actually pretty even over the last two weeks. This is a nice break from my normal roller coaster (right, honey? DON’T ANSWER THAT!)

General thoughts: Making progress on the baby’s room. Pretty excited to make more progress and then I will post pictures.

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Bump News: 20 Week Update!

Week: 20


Baby is now the size of a(n): Can of redbull (haha, best “size of” to date)

Physically feeling: Okay. I have had a pretty consistent headache over the last week and lots of cramping. Also, an itchy scalp, hot flashes and am difficulty sleeping (because I have to pee all of the time). So, yeah. Got to love random pregnancy symptoms.

Diet: Corn, still loving corn on the cob. Also, been eating turkey burgers, Greek yogurt, lots of fresh fruit and fresh fruit pie (also counts as fruit, right?)
Exercise: This week was my first full week home so was filled with lots of family activities. I did get in some sort of a walk every day and spin one day.

Emotional Scale (1-10): 10, 1, 10  That represents mood swings. This mama can get cranky in a hurry. Watch out. Full disclosure, only touch my belly if you want yours groped as well.
General thoughts: Aiden has asked the most hilarious questions about pregnancy this week! I just love that his brain is just working trying to understand all of these changes. Some of the best comments,
Aiden: “So, you have a baby in your belly?”
Katie: “That’s right buddy”
Aiden: “So…how does it come out?”
Katie: “Uhhh…. (mental note, READ PARENTING BOOKS), it just gets a bit bigger and then comes out.”
Aiden: “But how? Does someone cut it out of your stomach”
Katie: (slightly sweaty) “No…hopefully not”
Aiden: “Do you throw it up”

Seriously folks, I was not expecting that conversation! Crazy!! I am ordering a book on Amazon that shows a kids version of the birth process. Not to be confused with a child in labor, that would be creepy. That kid has questions and he deserves non cop-out answers. Seriously though, I am pretty lucky to be his mom. What a brilliant mind!

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Painful words and the scars they leave.

Warning, rant following.

There are social norms. There are things we “don’t” or “shouldn’t” say. Hell, don’t even think them. We have progressed as a society since the obscene act that was slavery, racism (at least I like to think we have), sexism (in general), etc. The point is, terrible acts have been committed, terrible things has been said and we, as a people, have taken great strides to not repeat history.

I have been incredibly taken aback by the inappropriate comments that I have received on social media about travelling for my profession on a long-term assignment. Social media is so unbelievable for keeping up with people that you may otherwise lose track of. HOWEVER, social media also can lead to comparison (something that steals our joy), and it also gives a false sense of a meaningful relationship. People think, because they read my blog or see snippets of my life through Facebook status updates, that they know me. That simply is not accurate.

I attempt to be as transparent as I can be. My life is in no way perfect, it is pretty perfect for me, but by no means, perfect for someone else. I do NOT claim to have a perfectly manicured house or child, to have achieved the balancing act that is managing my professional goals with my very important role as a parent, have a flawless marriage, etc. My point is, while I am transparent, to some extent reading ABOUT me is not knowing me. Some comments I have received have made it so explicitly clear that there are individuals out there who do not know my boundaries, triggers, etc. I have been hurt to hear that others feel I am putting my profession before my family, that I am making the “wrong” choice by accepting the position in New Hampshire, and that my priorities are in some way incorrectly organized.

New Hampshire was an absolutely life-changing, incredible experience. I had an incredibly rewarding professional experience, explored another section of the United States, learned to swim, gained an appreciation for yoga, etc. I also missed Aiden so much it was hard to breath, bawled through Mother’s Day and spent so much time completely alone while I struggled with extreme morning sickness. New Hampshire has made me a stronger person and, I believe, that strength will make me a better mom. I truly believe that our normal, comfortable life can only result in growth if we seek it. New Hampshire DEMANDED growth. In every way, I had to throw aside my comfort zones, to survive an extremely difficult situation.

Let me also say, I could not have experienced this incredible experience without a huge support system, an incredible spouse and a very tolerant child. They are saints, saints who I missed dreadfully.

I do not regret leaving my family, my life and Washington for three months. I truly feel I had the rare opportunity to make a difference somewhere. The comments I have received have hurt me, and just like any painful word, leave a scar that cannot be removed. For those that have been supportive, thank you. My hope, is just like other societal norms that have evolved over time, I hope the stigma of the working, professional-minded mom will continue to evolve. I should say, every hurtful comment I received was from a female. I would have expected that females would bind together and help to lift each other up; however, that has not been my experience. I hope in 20 or 30 more years, we truly will be farther as women. Stay at home mom, working mom, woman that wants to be a mom, woman that does not want children; all deserve love and support, not judgment. I assure you, that is what you will receive from me.

Bump News: 19 Week Update!

Week: 19



Baby is now the size of a(n): Mango

Physically feeling: Great! This week FLEW by! I am feeling so much better than I ddi a few weeks ago. Loving this stage of pregnancy!

Diet: Been loving on protein the last few days, lots of eggs, turkey burgers, greek yogurt. Also, TONS of fresh fruit from the farmer’s market. Oh, and cookies. Also been enjoying cookies.

Exercise: This week was my last week in New Hampshire and was filled with long work days, trips to post office to mail home flat rate boxes and lots of packing. All of that to say, not enough exercise. Promise I will get back to the daily diary next week!

Emotional Scale (1-10): 7, It truly was an emotional roller coaster of a week for me. It was harder than I expected to leave my coworkers and friends in New Hampshire. But, the absolute highlight of the week was getting home to my sweet boy. Aiden was so excited to see me, and that has been an emotional high.

General thoughts: I found out the sex of the baby this week and have been very surprised that I haven’t wanted to tell people. Since it has been so long since I was pregnant before, I have been surprised (I think I had just forgotten) how much unsolicited advice you get on wanting an epidural/not wanting an epidural, birth center/hospital birth, attachment parenting, etc. The gender has just been one area that for some reason has felt really personal and I am just not quite ready to share. I will say that he/she is healthy, growing perfectly on schedule and a mover!

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