Dark Master

Smoking was my go-to stress reliever. When things got hard, when a relationship ended, when finals were stressful, I smoked. Pretty soon, I went from only an occasional smoker, to, a smoker. Becoming a smoker never felt like a lifestyle for me. I never would have called myself a smoker. Proof is in the pudding though – you can’t exactly buy cigarettes, smoke regularly, and not BE a smoker.

Now, in my previous post, I talked about my unhealthy lifestyle in college. Smoking was a big part of that. A lot of bad habits go hand in hand with smoking; drinking, eating bad foods, skipping meals, etc. I am guessing you can’t picture many people that you would consider to be a pinnacle of health, who are also smokers. Lung capacity is certainly a helpful thing when it comes to pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

As I began to exercise more regularly, smoking needed to go. Now, many will gain a substantial amount of weight when they quit smoking because they substitute one vice for another.  For me, I substituted exercise. Smoking is so helpful in managing stress. But, so is running, spinning, weight lifting, etc. As soon as I made the connection that smoking is a symptom and not a core issue, I recognized that I could help resolve the larger issue of needing help managing stress in a more positive way. 

When I put down the pack of cigarettes five years ago, I made a decision. I chose me. I chose health, longevity and a belief that I am worth it. Cigarettes do not define me; I chose a mechanism to handle the stress of daily life.

Have you ever had an unhealthy habit that was hard to stop? Please comment and share your experiences.



4 thoughts on “Dark Master

  1. Wow i never knew you were a smoker! I am happy to hear that you kicked the habit. It is so hard. I still smoke. Been a smoker for 14 years now.

      1. Yes and i will try to quit again. I have two kids that need a healthy mom and a good influence. It’s crazy i started at such a young age and nobody told me not to so i kept doing it. Then i was hooked and never stopped.

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