Throw the routine to the curb

Most life changing events are made easier with a routine. Let me explain. When you move into a new city, your routine may be as simple as finding a Saturday Market and coffee shop that makes just the perfect latte, it may be finding a gym or a specialty grocery story. Whatever this new-found routine may be, it helps a new, cold city feel a bit more like home. Another example is getting a puppy (or child), a routine can make a scary, life-changing decision (read, what the hell have we done???) feel a bit more manageable.

The moment when I finally had a rough schedule to work off of for nursing and napping made me feel that much more like a mom…and a mom that could shower again! As some of you may know, this small thing can be just the thing a hormonally-charged, quick to cry, hair falling out, momma needs!

Now, let me throw a wrench in everything I have just said.

A fitness routine is huge, don’t get me wrong. Treating some form of activity as a daily requirement can make all of the difference from having fitness be a New Year’s Resolution – year after year after year, to a new lifestyle. However, once fitness is a lifestyle and going to the gym doesn’t fill your mind with dread (at least on most days), it is time to shake things up.

We are now approaching my Plateau #1 – Summer of 2009

After the wedding, my world (thankfully in most respects) slowed down.


I was married, I was happy, I was not working out with my trainer as much and I was enjoying remembering how much I LOVED sugar. So…I got a little bit lazy.

Now, I could have left my journey there. I achieved my goal at the wedding, I landed the hunk, but, I knew for me personally that I needed the stress-combatting benefits of a good sweat. So, I threw my routine to the wind. All of the sudden, I started taking any and all exercise classes that I could – Hips, butts and guts, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, boot camp, etc. I found a new love. By temporarily avoiding my routine of weightlifting and cardio, I got excited again.

Folks, this is key.

Workouts are supposed to be exciting. You are changing your body, managing your stress, reducing your chances of high blood sugar and weight impacted diseases. If you are not excited yet, then what the HECK is wrong with you. PLUS – bikini bodies! Summer is always one chunky sweater and fabulous pair of fall boots away. It comes whether you are ready or not. THIS is exciting stuff people.
So, when it isn’t. I’ve been there, I’m guessing you all have too. Time to take your weekly, comfortable routine and throw it to the wind. Inspiration is inside the workout class studio, or on the dance floor, or in the swimming pool. It’s time to get excited people! It’s time to overcome the plateau!

What area of fitness EXCITES you today? Please share!


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