Hindsight is 20/20

For some reason, I always find that is easier looking back and recognize that I went through a plateau. When the excitement returns, and jeans fit a bit better, I realize so easily what I had just been through.

Okay, it’s time to open up.

One of my reasons for starting this blog is that, over the last few months, I recognized that I am in a plateau.

In April I completed my first full marathon. There are so many intense emotions surrounding completing a marathon. The most obvious is “Can I even do this?”. The first double-digit long weekend run is scary. The first 20-mile run is scary. Truly, the only constants throughout the training cycle are fear, accomplishment and hunger. Lord, did I eat.

That marathon was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had the support of family and friends. It seemed like at every point of doubt in the run I could look into the crowd and pick out my mom and dad, husband or sister and all of a sudden I knew I could do it. I was hooked.



Fast forward a few months and the lottery for the San Francisco Marathon opened. I entered the lottery in a group with some of the ladies in my wonderful running group. When we were selected, I truly was ecstatic. Soon enough, the training began. During training, we moved to a new house and there were many times where training for the marathon simply was not my primary focus. I really had to switch my attitude when the training cycle started to amp up. Once our weekend runs reached 14, 16, 18 miles, I really committed.

This marathon truly was an incredible experience –but it was very different from my first. Since there was some travel involved my support system was very different. My friends and some of their family were there to support me, but, none of my own. I had to reach within to find the motivation to continue when my body hurt and the hills were steep. And, I found it. Honestly, it was empowering to do this without the same outside support and find the support I needed within me.

The marathon was three weeks ago. I believe this plateau probably began three months ago. Many assume, that running equals fitness or guaranteed weight loss. That simply is not correct. My overall goal is not weight loss. Let me repeat myself (and believe me, I am repeating it for my own benefit and reminder), my overall goal is NOT weight loss. My goal is health. If weight loss happens, great. but, weight loss will not be a primary focus in my fitness journey.

So, then, how do I know this is a plateau? You will just have to keep reading! I will explore the signs and indications of a plateau in my next post. Until then, please share if you have ever experienced a plateau before.


2 thoughts on “Hindsight is 20/20

  1. Miss Kate, I’m loving hearing your thoughts! I especially appreciated knowing how you were able to find motivation within yourself when your family wasn’t able to be there with our cheers. Christine taught us how to be a valuable curb-side team. We yell, “you can do this!” And “you’re looking good!” And “almost there!” And of course we had to restrain your dad and brother from coming out and carrying you the last 1/2 mile whether you needed it or not :). We love you!

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