Know it when it happens

So, how do you recognize it?

It is tough really. I’d like to come up with a sure-fire, complete list for all of you to look through and either answer yes or no to all and know, without a shadow of doubt, whether or not you are in fact in a plateau.

You may have noticed by now, that I truly am writing this blog for those of you who have some sort of a consistent fitness routine, who may or may have not experienced a plateau yet. But, I want to be clear in that if you do not have a consistent fitness routine, I hope you can apply what I am saying to other areas of your life; a period of rough parenting, healthy eating challenges, a stagnant time in your profession. The theories should cross over.

So, here is my first attempt at a list of plateau indicators. After all, the first step in overcoming a plateau is RECOGNIZING a plateau.

  • Excuse master – “I could go for a run, but, I have to clip my toenails”
  • The tit for tat – “Okay, I worked out, so, I have earned a pie”
  • The fake cough – “I think I might feel tonsillitis coming on, I better eat, rest and think about it”
  • The towel throw – “I’ve been doing this day after day and I am not progressing, so WHY even try”
  • The fear of sweat – “I still want to get a workout, but, really I don’t want to smear my mascara, so…. can’t go too hard”
  • The multi-task – “I am going to walk on the treadmill, while I text, read a book and watch four shows”
  • The rut – “well, it’s Monday, on Monday I walk at a 2.5 mile per hour speed for thirty minutes. So, guess I’m done then”
  • Sense of duty – “I always go to the gym after work, but, there are five other things I would rather be doing right now. But I’ll go, even though there is no one thanking me for walking through that door”

Over my next few posts, I will explore each item on our plateau indicator list and share some of the ways that I have overcome them before and am attempting to overcome them during this plateau.

Please respond with a “Yes” if any of these indicators sounds like where you are right now. I would love to get a feel for who is currently in a similar place.


6 thoughts on “Know it when it happens

  1. Um…yes to all of them! Oh geez. I’m trying to find a routine but it seems like I just can’t get into a groove. Another one of my excuses is that Ollie still doesn’t sleep through the night – waking up 1-3 times – and I’m just exhausted! I think I have the mindset that ‘if I can’t run 7 miles, I might as well not go at all’. But I’m working on being better about just getting up and out. Even if it’s only for a 3 mile walk with the stroller…Anyways, I’m excited you’re writing, Katie! And looking forward to following along. You’ve inspired me already! 🙂 xoxo

    1. I am so guilty of that, Joy. It is easy to say “well, since I can’t do THIS today, I may as well not do any workout”. I have started, on my work from home days, just going to the garage on a break and getting in some pushups, squats, sit-ups, etc. It may not be a lot, but, at least it is something. I have noticed when I get something in, and make it a priority, I eat better and sleep better.

  2. Hey Katie — motivation is not my problem but I let emotions cloud my judgment. If I have a negative day at work or at home I get down and in my head I say who cares anyway if I am physically fit or fat, or healthy . Fortunately it does not happen too often. My best friend, Don, knows how to get me out of it. I love your blog and how you are making people think through these barriers!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Aunt Kathleen. It is super hard when it is an off day to drag yourself to do anything active. You have proven, over your lifetime of fitness, that you still make it work. But, for me, I definitely struggle with that. Some days, I think it is better to power through and get something in. Sometimes, you just need a glass of wine 🙂 Love you!!

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