On the road again

When I graduated from college and went to work for the Department of the Army, I was hired on a two year Financial Management Internship. Part of this internship was taking a substantial number of classes for various certifications out of state. Over my first two years, I was out of town for a year of it. Washington, D.C. Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, San Diego and San Francisco, California, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Syracuse, New York – I was always on the go!

Now, it is very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road. Listen to me carefully; it is hard, NOT impossible. What I want to do in this post is let you in on some of my secrets. Hopefully one or more of these will help each of you while on the road. 

  • Plan Ahead – I pack the number of workout outfits that I will be needing and hold myself to it. Let’s be realistic, if you are heading to Cabo, don’t pack a workout outfit for each day. But, like me this week, if you are on the road for work, challenge yourself, set a goal!

My workout for today:


  • Look for Opportunities to be Active – I’m not talking about finding a mountain in the area (although, I got to rock climb this week and it was AMAZING), but, I am on the fourth floor of my hotel this week, instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs. Instead of driving to dinner, if reasonable, I suggest to my coworkers that we walk. It is amazing how an active outlook results in activity – if you look for opportunities, they will be there! Kind of a , “If you build it, they will come” philosophy, minus baseballs and building part – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Rock Climbing!



  • Make Purposeful Cheats – Folks, you are on travel, for heaven sakes, cheat! All I suggest is that they are purposeful. This is not Spring Break. You don’t need eight meals a day, or an alcoholic beverage with each meal. For me, it is helpful to stay on some sort of an eating routine. Protein rich meals, complex carbs, lots of veggies. Then, if I splurge for the chocolate cake or wine with all dinners, it is not a game changer. Just a cheat!
  • Give Yourself a Break – Sometimes, I think mentally a break is needed. Now, let’s not go crazy here. But really, maybe a break is what your body needs. If the idea of working out sounds awful, I’d suggest to not. A lifestyle indicates ebb and flow – a diet has an endpoint. Fitness and healthy living for me are a lifestyle – a break is okay.

Any traveling tips to add to this list? Tune in soon for my eating tips! Thanks, as always for reading. You make my day!


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