Fear – Binding or Empowering?

 I am afraid of heights.

I am also semi-afraid of being by myself, automatic-flushing toilets, scarring my child for life, regrets, etc. Over the years, there are definitely times where I would say that fear has taken a driver seat for me. Instead of being something in the back of my mind, fear takes over and impacts my decisions. I believe that you can let fear, just like jealousy or anger, dominate your life and steal your joy.

One way to handle fear can be to give in. I’ve done it. And really, it’s not all bad. Safe is comfortable. Safe is nice.

But…you don’t GROW in safety. You grow in turmoil, in unrest, in growth. I think this concept applies to fitness, a profession, parenting, friendship etc.

This week, I went rock climbing on a mountain. Rock climbing in a rock gym is comfortable for me. It is safe – it is fairly low risk. But, in order to grow in the sport, climbing outside in the elements, on a rock face is necessary.

 And honestly, it was terrifying. I fell once and had to fully rely on the person holding the rope. I bashed my knee. I prayed. I loved it. I felt empowered, and strong and independent.











Is there a situation you can share where you have overcome a fear? I’d love to hear!


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