Hard Reset

Let me start off with saying, I am not a fad dieter. I do not endorse the grapefruit diet, the Atkins, the “Flat-belly”. For the most part, the word “diet” should be the first warning sign. Diet equals temporary. Lifestyle is the goal, folks!


Can I just say, I HATE this graphic. Not that I do not think it is accurate, but, I wish that it was reversed. I love exercising and many times look forward immensely to doing so. But, I wish that meant that I could eat whatever I want. It doesn’t and sometimes I forget that. 

Over the last six months, between an intensive training plan and recovering from races, I have put on close to 10 pounds. Now, I am sure some of this MAY be muscle. But, I do think that I have put on some extra weight during training cycles – it is difficult for me to gauge how much increasing mileage requires increased calories. Now, I am not choosing to be down on myself for this. I am pursuing a lifetime of fitness, and with that, comes ebbs and flows. However, I am also realistic that I do not want this trend to continue. I have worked very hard to initially get weight off and I have no intention of returning to where I was. For the next 30 days (with the exception of Thanksgiving), I will be doing a hard reset to get my eating back to normal.

What hard reset do I suggest? I am so glad you asked! I have tried various commercially offered products from large names – touting that their product will do just what I am after. I also do not endorse any of these. A hard reset does not require spending $300 and purchasing a specific brand of foods. A hard reset means removing bad (white flour, sugar, alcohol, simple carbs), and eating good (fruits and veggies, lean meats, complex carbs). Beyond this, I believe that supplements are a good addition to a meal plan, and BUNCHES of water. 

Over the next month, I am planning on recording my progress, lessons learned, meal plans, supplement lists in an effort to help facilitate any of you also pressing the Hard Reset button. Is anyone interested in doing this as well? Accountability buddies are the best!


8 thoughts on “Hard Reset

  1. Is this the Ten Pounds by Christmas challenge? If so, I should probably join. I like your blog, Katie. I definitely should start running again.

    1. Not necessarily a “10 pounds by Christmas”, but, last time I did this I lost 7 pounds. I think it is beneficial to clear our bodies of some things completely in order to stop cravings them. Thanks Betsy! I am really enjoying the writing. Feel free to comment with your email and I’ll email you some directions for this cleanse.

  2. You are right on here Katie–I have always gained weight doing marathons. It just boggles my mind and is just hurtful to me. I lose weight on Hood to Coast and gain weight on marathons, Oh well it doesn’t matter, but I am with you, I actually started this plan a couple of weeks ago and am doing OK,no white flour, sugar, lean meat, more vegetables than fruit, Greek yogurt. I was hoping to have dropped a few pounds before Thanksgiving so I won’t get a lecture from Tottie…lol. I have been lifting weights 2 times a week and I didn’t do that in the summer or fall and this seems to help me with weight loss. I am with you. Love K

    1. We can all hope to not get comments from Totie:) I just don’t understand how I could be running SO much and gaining weight. Truth is thought that I really think my body gets used to cardio and does not get the same benefit from it. A good reset just works for me!

  3. I’m scared to do anything with you…because I will look like a chump hehe.
    As sad as it is…what we eat and don’t eat is so much of any success we want. (Your ‘6 pack’ is made in the kitchen, not the gym’) God, do i need a reset!

    I surely need to shed 7-10 pounds…and have it be permanent, so to speak. I’ll tell you, it is hard to cook for just one. It is a real hassle..any thoughts or suggestions or resources, anyone?

    1. My go-to lately has been to prepare ahead. I have a basic meal plan that I am doing for this cleanse and it includes putting various proteins (lean chicken, turkey, etc) into the crockpot with a little low sodium taco seasoning and a cup of water. Then, I portion it out and combine it with a complex carb and a veggie. It takes a lot of the thought out of lunches or dinners. I’d love it if you did it with me, Jason! I could email you details 🙂

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