If you are unfamiliar with the word “Hangry”, you have come to the right spot. “Hungry” + “Angry” = “Hangry”

Seriously folks, I do not do well with any kind of hunger, including perceived hunger. On a normal day, I am what I like to call, a proactive eater. Meaning, I eat to prevent hunger. I almost never feel the body triggers that are associated with hunger, because I go to great lengths to prevent hunger. At any time, you will find various seeds and nuts in my purse and many times dried fruit, etc. For the most part, this really is a good philosophy. If I am caught without snacks, that is when I make poor choices. Even good healthy nutrition-rich foods contain calories. Often times, I will sit down to a meal and not be hungry at all. One of the most beneficial parts of a cleanse/reset, is that sometimes I need a reminder of what my body NEEDS. Many times, I eat if I’m stressed or bored – or, as I like to call it, the garbage disposal – eating to prevent waste when a child loses interest in a snack. It’s a real thing. 

So, what did Day One look like?

Today, I got up and did 30 minutes of spinning and an hour of weights. After that, I had coffee and 2 eggs, with oatmeal (lightly sweetened with stevia). The remainder of the day, I have only eaten vegetables (primarily leafy greens) and some fruits and berries. This is not by any means a sustainable diet – not nearly enough protein, fat or complex carbs. But, I find it is a great jump start to a body reset. 

Tomorrow, I will return to a more reasonable diet – three meals, two snacks; all packed with protein, good fats and complex carbs. I will maintain this diet for the remainder of the body reset (30 days). 

Tomorrow, I am going to discuss supplements that I take. Do you take supplements daily? Is anyone doing a body reset right now?


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