Supplements Unveiled

I know…you all have been HOLDING your breath waiting for the big unveil of the supplements I take on a daily basis. Just for all of you, I won’t make you wait any longer. 


Before Breakfast

2 Fiber Capsules:  Fiber is helpful for digestion and many sources I have found suggest that it lowers the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. I have found that it helps to control appetite.

* Drink a FULL glass of water whenever you take a fiber pill. Seriously, you could choke. I DO NOT want someone writing on here saying you choked and weren’t warned.

With Breakfast

One Vitamin E Capsule: I can use any help boosting immunity!

One Calcium/Magnesium Capsule: Calcium I take the strength of my bones, as I understand it, it is important to take the Calcium with Magnesium as Magnesium countacts the negative side effects of taking Calcium

Two Fish Oil Capsules: WAY too many benefits to list – anti-inflamatory, brain food, joint lubrication. Basically, your life will be changed!

Multi-vitamin: I make sure that mine has Vitamin D (helps with the absorption of calcium)

With Lunch

One Calcium/Magnesium Capsule

One Fiber Capsule

With Dinner

One Calcium/Magnesium Capsule

Right Before Bed

One Probiotic Capsule: Promote healthy digestive system through good bacteria

Okay, that is my ENTIRE list. I do think it is important to disclaim this post by saying that I have researched these supplements greatly, but, I am not a member of the medical community nor, do I know your unique circumstance that may make this list the wrong choice for you. My hope with this blog is to explain who I am and get to know all of you. For now, this list of supplements makes me feel pretty darn good and I hope it has been helpful for you as well.

Do you take supplements on a daily basis?


One thought on “Supplements Unveiled

  1. you know what would be cool..if its technologically possible…for comments made on a FB post would appear here if done on a link to your blog..(can you totally see I don’t know nuthin bout no interweb?)

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