The big cheat

I have been on the “Body Reset” now for a week and I have finally figured out the key to it’s success! 

Now, let me explain.

The whole point of the reset is obviously not to cheat and to remind your body of proper portion sizes, whole foods, fruits and vegetables, etc. However, I have found for me that if I go too long without rewarding myself in some way, I get discouraged and am more apt to binge (hellooooooo chocolate cake). Yesterday was a very tough day for me personally. It was the epitome of “just one of those days” – tough parenting day, tough work day, etc. All day I kept thinking about poor food choices I could make.

A huge benefit of this blog for me is that all of you, without even knowing it I am sure, help to keep me accountable. I would never cheat and not be open and share about it. By making my journey public, I will document my successes AND failures. It is not realistic to eat perfectly or exercise religiously ALL of the time. It just isn’t. 

So yesterday, I was preparing my dinner of 3 ounces of a lean protein and 1.5 cups of vegetables, when I remembered that I had freshly cut up a perfect watermelon earlier.  I stopped all dinner preparation and just enjoyed something so ordinary that felt so special.

The key to a body reset is to make ordinary items extraordinary.

If you are not purchasing food out, alcohol, multiple coffees, I am assuming there may be extra money to buy the BEST organic berries and fresh, in season vegetables from local sources. Make your “cheats” good, wholesome food that feels special. After my bowl of watermelon, I was satisfied and continued on with my standard eating for the evening. 


Do you ever indulge in an “ordinary” that feels like a cheat?


6 thoughts on “The big cheat

  1. I often have a healthy small snack as I’m preparing dinner…my favs are a properly portioned serving of cottage cheese or hummus with whole wheat pita. It takes the bite off the hunger, and 15-20 min later when dinner is done, I’m not scarfing down a huge plate.

  2. Really great impulse! And I love how we’re keeping you accountable (secretly). I’m really proud of you! And Jason, I enjoy your suggestions too!

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