Don’t throw in the towel

I tend to be a slight perfectionist. By slight, I mean – I am a perfectionist, Type A, anal, or whatever you care to call it. If I plan a workout the night before (as I always do) and things do not go *quite* as planned, sometimes it is very hard for me to bounce back.

This morning I woke up a few minutes late and got to my running group about at 5:20 AM; five minutes after the group had left. I almost just drove home. I was not in gym attire – thrown together running outfit, head lamp, reflectors, neck warmer, gloves…let’s just say I was looking good! But, what really would that have accomplished if I gave up then? An off morning and no workout? No thanks. So, instead, I stripped my head lamp off and at least one of my layers and made it to the gym in time for a workout class to start.

My weekly workout routine includes crossfit, running, weight lifting and spinning. It does not include step aerobics. Now, that is not me claiming that step aerobics is an inferior workout, it is just not a part of a standard week for me. A huge reason for this is that I am not necessarily blessed in balance and coordination activities. You will not catch me in a zumba class, dance, etc. Step aerobics at 5:30 AM with EXPERIENCED steppers was a bit out of my comfort zone. But honestly, I had a great time. I stepped, jumped, practically fell my entire way through the one hour class. I am extremely glad I did not throw in the towel and give up my workout just because things did not go as planned for me this morning.

So, my message for today – flexibility. Our world often does not go exactly as it should or we wish it would, but I can’t think of a single workout that I am sorry that I did.

Is there a workout class that you have tried that pushed you out of your comfort zone?


5 thoughts on “Don’t throw in the towel

  1. Awesome way to turn the day around! Keep at it! And btw….I preface this next statement by saying I was blessed with the gift of rhythm but Zumba is the awesomist (Shawn speak, lol) You can burn between 800-1000 calories in an hour! Catch a class and report back! Lol

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