Doubts and Negative Thoughts

Sometimes doubts and negative thoughts creep in. In so many areas of my life, if I allow it, I can be very impacted by doubt and negative thoughts. Some that I deal with on a daily basis are:

  • My fitness routine negatively impacts my family
  • I should be a stay at home mom and not work outside the home
  • I will never be a good runner
  • My eating disorder will return
  • I will gain weight
  • This blog offers no new information that cannot be found elsewhere and will not gain readers
  • My life is passing me by
  • I am not a good parent
  • I am not a good wife

Doubts and negative thinking can steal my joy, rob me of my confidence and welcome self-doubt and pity. I could say that I will ignore all items on this list and never think of them again. I could do some ceremonious “burning of the list”. But truthfully, they will still be there. In some form or another, doubts and negative thoughts have been a part of my life for 27 years and I am not confident that year 28 will be any different. So, what do I do about it?

I accept them.

Truth be told, there is some truth in items on the list. Simply by having these thoughts present in my mind, makes me aware of them. My fitness routine COULD negatively impact my family, but, fitness makes me strong and happy and I believe a better mom and wife. The reason most days I work out at 5 AM is to avoid some negative effects on my family. Many times, I return from my run or workout and both of my boys are still happily sleeping. Sure I get less sleep, but, it is worth it.

On this day before Thanksgiving, when your mind is hopefully filled with all of the people and things in your life you are thankful for take a second and let a negative thought in – it is probably there in some form already. Don’t fight it, just meditate on it. How has this thought affected your year? Are you willing to allow this thought to affect next year? What proactive steps can you take to reduce the weight that this thought carries for you? Like so many things, simply shedding light on a doubt or negative thought in my life makes me realize that actually it either isn’t the case or it is the case and I can do something to impact it going forward.  


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