Thanksgiving Reflection

With 15 minutes to spare on Black Friday, I am sitting here contemplating what I am thankful for this year. So, I thought I’d share…


I’m thankful for:

  • A Healthy, happy, SAUCY three year old
  • That this has been the happiest year of marriage so far – I lucked out in the marriage department, that’s for sure!
  • My running group – I am so inspired by the dedication of these ladies. They absolutely motivate me. Five AM runs and long weekend runs are made a million times better by their company.
  • My legs. I never thought they could carry me the number of miles that I have asked of them. These two legs may not be the skinniest or the prettiest, but I am thankful for them and at this moment in time, would not change a thing about them!
  • My lifers – everyone needs a few “solid” people who have been there and will be there. You know who you are and I am thankful for you.
  • My siblings – how lucky am I to have four built in best friends?
  • Contentment – I have struggled for years on how to feel at ease in my own skin – I am not there, may not ever be, but, I truly am happy. Feels pretty amazing.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love a good chance to reflect. My little brother calls it “sustains and improves” – what things would you keep the same and what things should you change. When I think about my improves for the next year, it involves more sitting on the floor playing with my toddler, more laughing with friends, worrying less and loving more.

This next year will be an amazing one. Hopefully it will include breaking barriers! Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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