What do Girl Scouts and fitness have in common?

Being a loyal member of the Girl Scouts for many years, I learned many important life lessons. For example, do NOT, for any reason, think you can stay in a room with a box of caramel delights and not eat them all. Seriously, trust me. It also taught me to leave a camp ground cleaner than the way I found it, the importance of being a good friend and reminded me to try new hobbies (I was a junky for earning patches on my prized vest)! On top of all of these important lessons, I remember Barbara – my leader of Troop #624 saying “Grab a buddy”. We were not to go anywhere in the woods without one. 


This concept of “Grabbing a buddy” is so applicable to fitness. I cannot tell you how many mornings I have gotten up, not wanted to get out of bed, and remembered that a buddy was waiting for me to go to a workout class, go for a run, or to cross fit. It is so much easier to get inspired to workout if someone is counting on you. On top of that, I have noticed that I push myself farther and harder if I have someone there working right along with me. 


A huge piece of overcoming a fitness related plateau is just doing it. No plateau is overcome by sitting around and waiting for it to pass. 

Over the next few months I am planning on attending various fitness classes that I have NEVER attended before (hot yoga, dance, zumba, etc) to review on here. I am hoping that some of my buddies will come along (hint, hint) – for we all know that everything is more fun with a buddy!

So, tomorrow, grab a buddy, leave your excuse at the door and overcome that plateau!



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