Sometimes you just need a win

It takes frustration to fully realize how gratifying blowing your boundaries out of the water can be. I have had MANY frustrating workouts. But, I have also had some amazing, encouraging and motivating ones. Here is the thing, I never would have had the chance to experience the amazing, if I didn’t experience the frustration. 

Sometimes, I just need a win.

I can perform in a way that has provided me with results previously and now, holding as many conditions as I can constant, I may not visibly see any growth. It can get extremely frustrating. As a logical person, if I am doing the same workout at the same time of day, where I have eaten enough to fuel my body, why don’t I feel the same each time? I just don’t.

What I am trying to figure out is how to capture the moment; the high that comes at the end of SOME runs (not all), the excitement after a personal best, or just a good, solid workout.

Some ideas I have come up with:

  • Take a picture of myself to look back on and remember how good I felt in that moment
  • Maintain a workout journal (something I used to do religiously) and document the good and the bad
  • Record the logistics (what I ate, when I ate, how recently I *ahem* used the restroom, how hydrated I was) – I think this is ESPECIALLY important on the really good and really bad workouts

Any other ideas how to be reminded of the positive moments?




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