Holidays Suck

Don’t get me wrong. I love Thanksgiving, I love family time, and I LOVE Christmas. Especially since having my son three years ago, there is something so special about seeing everything for the first time through his eyes. Some things that I would brush off as gimmicky, or tacky, he just loves (blow-up Santa Claus anyone?). 

HOWEVER, with all of the wonder that the holidays bring, almost every year I get off track. And believe me, this year was no different. After about the millionth dinner party and work function, I give up a bit. I am 100% a perfectionist and, for me, when one element of my day is off track (missed workout, bad meal, etc), I tend to write off the day and have a “what the heck” attitude when I perceive that damage has already been done. 

After my body reset in November, I had lost five pounds and was completely off of sugar. Then… the holidays.

So, I promised all of you when I began this blog that I would share the good, the bad and the ugly. I am not only going to post when things are magical and I have defined abs. I want to document my journey.

Well, what now? I could let this month be a HUGE discouragement for me and take it as a chance to take some time off from the gym and focus on other areas in my life. Maybe four or five years ago I would have responded in that way. But now, I am in way too deep to fool myself into thinking that I would feel better by avoiding a healthy lifestyle. No. For me, I have had my “come to Jesus” moment and am taking a step in the right direction. A good friend reminded me this weekend that our day is full of choices and it is up to us, one choice at a time, to determine how we want to proceed. Instead of looking at the huge picture, focus instead on what you can change for now. Tomorrow, I have my meals planned out and my workouts arranged. 2014, like 2010 to now will be a year of health. I am busily preparing my New Year’s Resolutions and have no time for negative thoughts. 

Tomorrow is a new day. Holiday fudge is gone (thank heavens) and I am closing the door on eating mistakes, missed workouts and discouragement. Tomorrow, I choose me. 



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