A Popeye Smoothie

Seriously…this smoothie recipe is pretty unbelievable! I have been loving trying out new flavor combinations with my new Blendtek Blender and this one is EXTRA yummy! I had to share.

As a huge bonus, it also sneaks in 2.5 cups of fiber rich spinach! Did you know spinach has 2x as much fiber as other greens? Seriously, super tasty and will make you *ahem* regular. Just eat it, you’ll thank me!


Put all ingredients into Blendtec in this order (It really does matter, I have noticed that it tends to get bogged down on the protein powder if liquid is not present first):

Calories: 264
Protein: 30 Grams

1. One cup of unsweetened almond milk (I use So Delicious brand Dairy-Free Almond Milk with 5 x Protein – it is 40 Calories a cup)

2. One scoop of Isopure Protein Powder in Dutch Chocolate Flavor (I have tried a LOT of protein powders and this one is seriously amazing! – It is 110 calories a cup and has 25 grams of protein, plus it’s yummy and not chalky which is a huge benefit!)

3. One cup of fresh pineapple

4. 2.5 cups of fresh, raw spinach

5. Five ice cubes

I usually blend for 30 or so seconds to try and power through the consistency of the raw spinach. The ending smoothie’s statistics are as follows:

Those really are the only two measures that I worry too much about. This specific protein powder has 3 grams of carbs which is extremely low for a protein powder. I had this smoothie for lunch today and was full until my afternoon snack of one hardboiled egg and 1/8 cup of sunflower seeds! Lots of energy for my workout too. Smoothies are a great way to sneak in a powerhouse of veggies and camouflage it with fruit.

Do you all like having recipe ideas? A full review of the Blendtek is coming soon!





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