Project 2014 – Running

This is my first *official* post for “Project 2014”, well, except for my post where I introduced the concept. For this first workout reviewed, it seemed only appropriate to me to start with a run.

Note: In order to create what I hope is an “Apples to apples” comparison; I will be documenting all activities in an hour increment. For example, if the exercise lasts for 45 minutes, I will take (Calories Burned in 45 Minutes / 45 Minutes) * 60 Minutes.


1. Total Calories Burned: 565

2. Max Heart Rate: 199 Beats Per Minute (BPM)

3. Average Heart Rate: 180 BPM

4. “Fun Factor”: If I was running by myself (which I wasn’t), I would give running a score of 5. For me, it is the VERY last activity I would do by myself. When running by myself, I tend to stay ultra-aware of the distance I have travelled, how much farther I have to go, etc. It really is not fun for me. HOWEVER, when I run with a group, I would revise the Fun Factor to a 9. There is something so empowering to run with a group (of women in my case) who are not acting competitively, just genuinely enjoying each other’s company and having buddies to sweat with. Since finding a group of wonderful ladies to run with, I think that solitary running is for the birds.

5. Average Time Commitment: In my opinion, 60 minutes. If I run less than 60 minutes, I tend to want to supplement the workout with another activity. 60 minutes and above feels complete to me.

6. Gear Required: You know, conceptually, I could see how many people would think that running is so much less of a financial commitment than other sports. After all, you are not buying a kayak or a pair of cross country skis. However, without proper equipment, your run (or recovery) can truly be miserable. The MINIMUM equipment required:

  • Running Shoes: DO NOT scrimp on running shoes and please, for the sake of all ten of your cute little toes, GET FITTED at a running store (NOT a store in the mall). Do not buy based on color, brand or perceived size. It just isn’t worth it. Remind me to tell you all about the time I had staph infection because of similar mistakes…no fun, seriously!
  • Socks: Socks that do not rub ideally, I have found the Sole socks are worth EVERY dollar. They are life changing – I know, socks life changing? Yes. Believe me. http://www.yoursole.com/us/mens/socks/dual-layer/No%20Show
  • Bottom Piece (shorts, leggings, crops, skirt): truly, whatever floats your boat here, just make sure that it is properly fitting and suited for the temperature you are running in
  • Top: This is another area where I am not overly particular, I will say that I prefer running in a tank top or short sleeved top with a light top layer in case, a few miles in, I feel the need to lose a layer. I don’t care how in shape you are; running in a sports bra alone is not cute. Seriously people, please don’t do it.
  • Sports Bra: This item is IMPERITIVE. If you are a female reading this, for the love of the girls, belt them down. They can nourish a life, are attractive, and for heaven’s sake, they DESERVE the respect of a properly fitting sports bra. If they are moving at a different speed than your gait (or moving at all), help them out and put them in a more quality sports bra. Seeing women running who look like they could receive a black eye at any moment is physically painful for me!
  • Reflective Gear/Head Light: This is a very important item if you run in the early morning or evening. As I run at 5 AM, it truly is a necessity.
  • Ear Warmers: Pretty much regardless of the temperature, I wear a protective layer over my ears. Super odd sounding, but, it is miserable for me without it a few miles in
  • Gloves: Not my deal, but, many love wearing them

7. General Thoughts: You really can’t beat running, there is something so satisfying about hitting the streets and coming back an hour later sweaty and feeling amazing. I am not going to lie and say that the “Runner’s High” is there to meet you at the end of every run. But, I will tell you this, it does exist and it is pretty fabulous. One runner’s high can help to motivate me to get my hiney out of bed at an ungodly hour to seek it again. Plus, running really is a community. There is something really special about runners. I had one speaker in the Army tell me once that you don’t see a lot of negativity around Mile 20. I truly agree. At Mile 20, there is so much love and support – everyone roots for you and you want everyone else to succeed as well. If something is holding you back from running, give it a shot! What do you have to lose (besides maybe a few pounds) J

So, is running currently a part of your fitness routine?




3 thoughts on “Project 2014 – Running

  1. Running is one of my favorite activities. I started running in high school… Some 30 years later, I’m still at it. Right now I’m training for a figure competition, so my long distance running is on hold until late May. Typically, I run solo and with music. Nice and informative post!

  2. Great post, Katie. I love running, but agree that it is not fun to run alone. I also agree on the ear warmers….they are a complete necessity!

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