Just Show Up

Somedays the greatest fitness related accomplishment for me seems to be just “showing up”. I may have crazy hair, unshaved armpits, or a funky outfit, but, by god, I’m there.

Today, I made it to a 5:30 spin class at 5:40 (but who’s counting?) and remembered, for the first time, to wear my super snazzy, brand new bike shoes! So here I am, to paint you a lovely picture, padded shorts, tank top, and super good looking bike shoes.

Now, let me be clear, no one ever told me that bike shoes do not come as a complete and ready to use piece of gym equipment… What the heck. I sat there banging my foot onto the pedals, trying to figure out why everyone in class made this connection look so effortless and mine were not clicking in. So after trying for a quasi ridiculous amount of time, I gave up, strapped them in, and rode in shame.

After class, I made my way up to the front and asked the instructor what I was missing. He explained, through his giggles, about the attachment that was required.

So tomorrow, on my lunch break, I’ll get the silly attachment and try again.

The key piece to this story, is that I could have left. Five years ago, at the beginning of my fitness journey, I was so insecure in the gym. I constantly felt like everyone was staring at how out of shape I was. I couldn’t shake the feeling. Today, truthfully, I could care less. Look at the crazy lady banging her incomplete spin shoes into the peddles. You know what, I worked out harder in the 50 remaining minutes of the class than many do. I am there for one reason, I want to be a better version of myself. And today, my friends, was an ever so small victory.

Full review on the bike shoes coming when I can figure out how in the hell to use them properly 🙂


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