Apologies and Life Changes

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The reason for my lack of communication lately is my family has been going through a pretty significant life change. I was offered a three month rotation as the Financial Manager in the New Hampshire. I am SUPER excited, overwelmed, etc. The crazy part about this rotation is that it starts NEXT Wednesday. So, I have been buying plane tickets, finding a place to live, lining up transportation, etc. Logistic crazies!

The hands down hardest part of this rotation is that Josh and Aiden will not be able to come with me. My husband works from home, however, it would be very difficult to move his infrastructure across the country. For my son, aligning care would be difficult. And he does not tend to handle change the best.

So, here I go, about to embark on a new adventure and hopefully be able to take full advantage of the opportunity and not spend too much time focusing on how much I am going to miss my boys.

I hope you all continue to follow my journey. My pursuit on barriers to break will be slightly delayed, but continued on the other side of the country.



3 thoughts on “Apologies and Life Changes

  1. Congrats on the opportunity! I completely understand the reason to be scared, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. Who knew you could have such feelings all at once. I am thrilled to read about your journey!!

  2. Well, I for one am pretty upset that life success may slow down a blog post or two…hehe…gonna be cool having you close by for a bit sis!! I love and miss you all.

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