Bump News: 15 Week Update

So, now that I am past the dreaded first trimester, which for me was full of vomiting, extreme smell sensitivities, emotions (seriously people, it was bad), and just a really difficult time eating my normal, healthy diet, I am ready to SHARE my experiences with all of you. I am planning on doing a weekly post and each week will have the same structure as this one.

Week: 15



Baby is now the size of a: Naval Orange

Physically feeling: Much better overall, some lower back pain and exhaustion – much more energetic than I was a few weeks ago. Felt the first few baby flutters this week, which was super fun. Love that feeling!

Diet: This week, my diet has been much more normal. I have been upping my lean, animal proteins, eggs and Greek yogurt to ensure I am getting enough protein. A standard day for me lately has been:
•Breakfast: Face Greek Yogurt (plain) with raspberries and bananas cut up, some raw oats mixed in and a teaspoon of local honey (from my amazing co-op)
•Lunch: Toasted bread with chicken breast, Tzatziki and Greek Olives. I usually have a side of raspberries or strawberries
•Dinner: Soup usually with something on the side
•Snacks: Nuts, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, green juice from my FAVORITE juice bar

Goal for this next week is to up veggies, they are still making me nauseous, and so, I need to keep trying.

•Monday – Five mile HILLY walk with friend
•Tuesday – Walked to and from work – four miles round trip
•Wednesday – 1.5 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Class
•Thursday – Prenatal Yoga
•Friday – Yoga
•Saturday – Kettlebell workout class and walking ALL day around Portland, Maine
•Sunday – Yoga and swim lesson with swim practice after the lesson

Emotional Scale (1-10): 5, sure miss my boys, but I am nothing like the disaster that I was last week. If I was answering for Mother’s Day particularly, it would be a 20 (on a scale of 1-10), really missed my boys.

General thoughts: This week really has been quite good. Joshua and I have been brainstorming on names and are working on planning the kids’ room. Getting really excited to get home and start working on things.


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