Bump News: 16 Week Update

Week: 16



Baby is now the size of a(n): Avocado

Physically feeling: It is very bizarre how different I feel with this pregnancy; I am significantly more tired and achey. My whole pace of life is just different right now.

Diet: Fairly consistent. I have been having lots of Greek yogurt, berries, nuts, sandwiches, soup, etc. Although, anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT eat red meat. This week, I definitely ate the biggest, most intense burger (not turkey). Best tasting thing I have ever had (seriously, just look at it).


Exercise: Really hoping for more consistent exercise this week, with a trip home to Washington, I was all thrown off.
• Monday – 1.5 Hour Yoga Class
• Tuesday – 1.5 Hour HILLY walk with friend
• Wednesday – Walk…around the mall…does that count (I’m going to say no)?
• Thursday – Flew home to Washington, had to sprint in the airport though, so, there’s that
• Friday – Walk through Tumwater hills pushing Aiden in a stroller – I was winded!!
• Saturday – 2 Mile walk
• Sunday – Flew back to New Hampshire, nothing

Emotional Scale (1-10): 5, actually doing okay. Very ready to return to Washington, but, have been so excited thinking more and planning for Baby Hulbert.

General thoughts: I have got to mention, the vivid dreams I have had this week were OUT OF CONTROL. One night, I had this super vivid dream about a half deer/half woman that broke into my house. We had an epic battle, but, I explicitly remember getting tuckered out and we both broke for a nap and snack. I was all freaked that she was going to give me Deer Ticks. My coworkers have been telling me about those guys and they sound super CREEPY and I am NOT interested in having one.

Thanks for reading and sharing in my journey!


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