Bump News: 17 Week Update

Week: 17



Baby is now the size of a(n): Turnip

Physically feeling: This week I have been feeling pretty good. I have been really dizzy and light-headed, but, getting to feel the baby move a lot more, which is great!

Diet: Fairly consistent. I have started to incorporate in more vegetables. Soup has been tasting really good to me. So odd, I do not usually like any fruity candies, and lately, I have been thinking about them non-stop – skittles, starburst, etc. So weird.

• Monday – Rest after a red-eye flight
• Tuesday – 1.5 Hour walk with friend
• Wednesday – 1.5 Hour Yoga Class
• Thursday – Lots of walking
• Friday – One mile run, four mile walk and session with my trainer! Good workout day!
• Saturday – Walking around Boston – my guess is four or five miles?
• Sunday – Situps and pushups in hotel room, mainly a rest day

Emotional Scale (1-10): 6, this week was a bit of a roller coaster; returning to NH from WA (SAD), mom and sister coming to visit (HAPPY), mom and sister leaving (SAD), you get the idea!

General thoughts: The vivid dreams have continued, plus, I am waking up a million times during the night which is super annoying. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired I am – still waking up a lot. Right when I am starting to fall asleep, baby decides it is as good of a time as any to start doing somersaults. Good times. It is nice now that is seems like most people realize I truly am pregnant, not, just that I drank too much beer with lunch. That is a great change! This week is big, doctor’s appointment and last weekend in New Hampshire!! Next week I return home and have first appointment with a birth center that we are considering using. Any experience with a birth center birth?

Thanks for reading my bump update!


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