Can I have a moment for failed resolutions?

So, this post is meant to be a check-in with myself on my New Year’s Resolutions. We are basically in June, people. A large amount of the year has passed. Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to run a full marathon. At this point in the year, I had already accomplished that goal and was well into the training cycle for my second.

Every single day I think, in some way, about how I have *failed* on my New Year’s Resolutions this year. To remind all of you, my resolutions were to:
1. Join a choir – definitely planning on this when I return to Washington
2. Take an hour every week to try a new activity, game, or hobby with Aiden – When I have been with Aiden, I have definitely kept this in mind and attempted to do new activities with him…however, three months of the year we have been in the crazy whirlwind of me being gone. I will have a lot of year to make up for this when I get home.
3. Do a strict pullup – Yea… I got prego. I still am working on my pullups, but, I am not planning on progressing in my practice until after I have Hulbert Baby #2
4. Master Double Unders – I can do them one at a time, but, not string them together. I will not count this as achieved until I can string them together. Also may have to wait until after baby. They make me pee my pants, seriously.
5. Write a blog post at least once a week – Other than first trimester sickness, this one is still going well, especially now with pregnancy updates.

What I had not accounted for when I made this list, was that I would be selected for a three month professional rotation in New Hampshire, that we would get pregnant the INSTANT we started trying or that I would feel so incredibly terrible for the first three months of pregnancy. The mistake that I will never make with New Year’s Resolutions again is that they have GOT to be attainable for your place in life. I knew we were planning on having a baby, it’s possible I went a bit aggressive with my planning this year.

Am I discouraged? A bit, I feel better getting it out.

What I pledge for the remainder of the year, is to give myself a bit of a break. Right now, I want a healthy pregnancy, I want to focus on the life that is creating in me and remember that my body came back last time and I have no reason to believe that it won’t again. The changes are hard to watch and, I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that it is very hard to ignore the prior eating disorder thoughts that very much still are in my head. What I will not do is give in to them. I love this baby already so much and would never do anything to harm him/her. Once I am cleared to begin a fitness routine after birth, I am assuming I will return to my standard speed/intensity of workouts. Until then, this is me not apologizing, but asking for understanding during this transition time in my life.

Thanks loyal readers, I am so thankful for all of you.


2 thoughts on “Can I have a moment for failed resolutions?

  1. You are so cool Katie. I love the way you look at things. I am thankful you can give yourself a break. I love you Aunt K

    1. I think writing that I am giving myself a break is me really trying to accept it, I am sure it seems silly but I completely feel like I’ve failed with these resolutions and really needed to put my feelings down. Love you Aunt K!

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