Bump News: 18 Week Update!

Week: 18



Baby is now the size of a(n): Bell Pepper

Physically feeling: Pretty great! Lots of baby movements.

Diet: The biggest challenges I have had with this week are getting enough protein in the morning to sustain me, and NOT eating fish tacos every.single.night. I am doing great with my morning protein! Ha! There is this incredible, tiny restaurant in Concord that serves fresh white fish tacos with cilantro. I may have eaten there the last three nights… DON’T JUDGE ME!

Exercise: I am pretty pleased that I was able to get in something most every day; this pace of exercise has been very different for me. But, the doctor was impressed with my slow/consistent weight gain, so, at least it appears to be helping.
• Monday – 1.5 Hour Flow Yoga – mental note, not my favorite yoga class. I really prefer Ashtanga.
• Tuesday – Walk
• Wednesday – Late OBGYN Appt – No workout
• Thursday – Pre-natal Yoga
• Friday – Walk
• Saturday – 1.5 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Class
• Sunday – 1.5 Hour Yoga Class, 2 Hour trek with a friend (we went six miles)

Emotional Scale (1-10): 6, there were a few ups and downs this week. Aiden is really getting more and more frustrated with mommy being gone, and that has been really hard. Can’t wait to get home to my sweet red head.
General thoughts: So, I have an ultrasound on Thursday and find out the sex of the baby!! Getting excited to be able to refer to the baby appropriately, and just to know. Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading my bump update!


One thought on “Bump News: 18 Week Update!

  1. I definitely need to go to yoga asap. I’ve been told that it would help with my hip flexor/knee issue. I cannot wait to find out the sex of your baby. Keep us posted! 😀

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