Bump News: 19 Week Update!

Week: 19



Baby is now the size of a(n): Mango

Physically feeling: Great! This week FLEW by! I am feeling so much better than I ddi a few weeks ago. Loving this stage of pregnancy!

Diet: Been loving on protein the last few days, lots of eggs, turkey burgers, greek yogurt. Also, TONS of fresh fruit from the farmer’s market. Oh, and cookies. Also been enjoying cookies.

Exercise: This week was my last week in New Hampshire and was filled with long work days, trips to post office to mail home flat rate boxes and lots of packing. All of that to say, not enough exercise. Promise I will get back to the daily diary next week!

Emotional Scale (1-10): 7, It truly was an emotional roller coaster of a week for me. It was harder than I expected to leave my coworkers and friends in New Hampshire. But, the absolute highlight of the week was getting home to my sweet boy. Aiden was so excited to see me, and that has been an emotional high.

General thoughts: I found out the sex of the baby this week and have been very surprised that I haven’t wanted to tell people. Since it has been so long since I was pregnant before, I have been surprised (I think I had just forgotten) how much unsolicited advice you get on wanting an epidural/not wanting an epidural, birth center/hospital birth, attachment parenting, etc. The gender has just been one area that for some reason has felt really personal and I am just not quite ready to share. I will say that he/she is healthy, growing perfectly on schedule and a mover!

Thanks for reading my bump update!


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