Bump News: 20 Week Update!

Week: 20


Baby is now the size of a(n): Can of redbull (haha, best “size of” to date)

Physically feeling: Okay. I have had a pretty consistent headache over the last week and lots of cramping. Also, an itchy scalp, hot flashes and am difficulty sleeping (because I have to pee all of the time). So, yeah. Got to love random pregnancy symptoms.

Diet: Corn, still loving corn on the cob. Also, been eating turkey burgers, Greek yogurt, lots of fresh fruit and fresh fruit pie (also counts as fruit, right?)
Exercise: This week was my first full week home so was filled with lots of family activities. I did get in some sort of a walk every day and spin one day.

Emotional Scale (1-10): 10, 1, 10  That represents mood swings. This mama can get cranky in a hurry. Watch out. Full disclosure, only touch my belly if you want yours groped as well.
General thoughts: Aiden has asked the most hilarious questions about pregnancy this week! I just love that his brain is just working trying to understand all of these changes. Some of the best comments,
Aiden: “So, you have a baby in your belly?”
Katie: “That’s right buddy”
Aiden: “So…how does it come out?”
Katie: “Uhhh…. (mental note, READ PARENTING BOOKS), it just gets a bit bigger and then comes out.”
Aiden: “But how? Does someone cut it out of your stomach”
Katie: (slightly sweaty) “No…hopefully not”
Aiden: “Do you throw it up”

Seriously folks, I was not expecting that conversation! Crazy!! I am ordering a book on Amazon that shows a kids version of the birth process. Not to be confused with a child in labor, that would be creepy. That kid has questions and he deserves non cop-out answers. Seriously though, I am pretty lucky to be his mom. What a brilliant mind!

Thanks for reading my bump update!


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