Baby weight. Womp, womp.

I wanted to write and give a quick update on how I am doing with my weight post baby. I started this blog as a way to really study and write about various plateaus that occur while on a fitness or weight loss journey. At that point, I had NO IDEA that another baby was on the horizon. Turns out, there was and now that I am almost nine months post-partum, I wanted to document where I am right now and reflect. Having a baby is no joke. A body that I knew – strong running legs, fit arms, fairly tight stomach, all of the sudden turned into a bit of a stranger to me. As much as I attempt to embrace the incredible things my body has done – birth two children, nurse two children, run two marathons, etc, it is hard. Struggling with an eating disorder and healthy body image is not a struggle that stops when I get pregnant and it certainly does not stop after birth. 

I mean, seriously though, how cute is this baby?? harrison neeew 

I gained around 45 pounds with Harrison, 30 of those pounds came home with me after the hospital. When I came home from the hospital, I weighed 165 pounds and was pretty horrified at how my body looked. 

Within four months, I had dropped twenty pounds. I did very little physically, and was not tracking calories. I attribute all of this weight loss to nursing and losing the fluids I was retaining. 

At nine months after, I am now 30 pounds down and have officially lost all of the baby weight. 

Yay, right??? 

Here is the painful truth – I may have lost the weight, but, I am by no means the same shape. I have very little muscle and am still not used to my body. Each day, after having an eating disorder, the thoughts creep in, in some way. What I have learned, is how I respond to those thoughts is so important. I have two incredible boys who I want to pass on a positive body image too. When my mind says “you look FAT in that”, I so quickly try to redirect the thought to something positive. This method by no means works all of the time, but, I will not quit trying to replace the negative thought with positive ones. My boys deserve to have a mom that will wear a swimsuit, run around with them and feel like the rockstar that they see me as (at least right now). I am sure that over time, some muscle will return and hopefully I will be a bit more proud of the body that I have. But, for right now, I am really going to try and embrace this season and not be too hard on myself. 

My number priority right now is not me, and I think that is okay. And, it may be a mom suit, but I will be rocking that mom suit! 


Any other moms out there struggle with body image after baby? 

Thanks for reading and following me on my journey!


One thought on “Baby weight. Womp, womp.

  1. I feel your pain!!! I’m right there with you! I’m 6 months post partum and as active I tried to stay during pregnancy I feel as soon as that baby comes out your body is like say what?! And everything kinda just jiggles and wiggles!

    I have tried really hard to focus on building muscle vs spending time running and that has seemed too help some.

    Just keep doing what your doing! Moms rock and we have to remember that! Love your blog!

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