Harrison Tate is ONE!


You *literally* came in like a wrecking ball. Your dad, Aiden and I had no idea how much of a wrench you would be in our fairly well-tuned life. A few things I have learned about you in your first year.

1 – You have the most contagious laugh – it is a full body experience and one of the best noises I have ever heard

2- You love your brother in a BIG way

3 – You love food (Nursing, steak, bacon, broccoli, etc)

4 – You firmly believe that sleep is over-rated (please reconsider this point)

5 – You bring people together – you love your people fiercely and make them feel like a million bucks

6 – You challenge me – I thought I had parenting semi-down and you require me to be a different parent to you (I promise to keep trying to figure it out!)

7 – You have increased my ability to love – before I had you I was terrified I didn’t have “room” to love anyone as much as I love your older brother, but, my ability to love has increased a “Harrison” amount and I now have more love to give

8 – You have helped your brother become more flexible, adaptable and patient. You challenge him and he loves you so much!

9 – You love to be sang to and I love to sing to you!

The song I sing to you every night:

“When Jesus gave you to us, we loved you from the start.
You were just a precious angel, our perfect missing part.
We love your sense of humor and your beautiful sweet smile.
Harrison, you are OUR heart”

We love you, our crazy red head and are so thankful that we get to be your parents!

_DSC0618 _DSC0591 _DSC0632 _DSC0641 _DSC0650 _DSC0654 _DSC0657 _DSC0658 _DSC0666 _DSC0686

We love you Harrison Tate!


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