I am just a…

Value of you

This TED Talk really spoke to me. I can’t tell you how many times I utter the words “I am just a…” when I am introducing myself. I think I do that for a few reasons.

I would hate to ever have someone feel insecure in him/herself.

I used to proudly (yet humbly) explain my job and, especially when I was introducing myself to stay at home moms/dads, I would then hear them say, “I’m just a mom/dad”. I would immediately feel terrible and try to clumsily get across that I have SO much respect for stay at home parents and recognize that it is a very difficult/rewarding job. Just because I have chosen to continue to work out of the home, I would always list being a mom as my favorite and most exclusive title.

I feel intense guilt.

I immediately feel the guilt of missing anything in the lives of my two boys and, inevitably, when I am at work, I will miss something. When I had my first son, I worked many more hours than I do now and the feeling of missing his first steps/word is so terrible. I was able to make a professional change to have a bit more balance, but, I still will miss things.

I feel insecure myself.

While I am very proud of the career that I have, I am a driver and can very easily feel stagnate if I am not experiencing constant movement. Accepting that this career is not only a good fit for me, but for my family makes a move – just for the sake of a move – a bit unrealistic. With that being said, I have a wonderful job. The grass is always greener, eh?

The problem, in my eyes, with saying a phrase like “I am just a…” is that, a little part of me believes the down-played story I am telling. In addition to this, of all of the men I have met personally and professionally, I cannot recall a time when a men told me that he is “just an” anything.

I suggest this dialogue changes.

Can you relate to the topic of the video?

Have a lovely weekend all!



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