Mom N’ Tot Box – Subscription Review

I am fairly new to the world of subscription boxes. However, I am a HUGE fan of fun mail (something that is not a bill) and so I am 100% behind the idea of them.

I have been receiving my Birch Box for the past two years or so. For the most part I like it, some months are better than others (enough with the black eyeliners already!!), but, I like it enough to keep it up.

Josh (AKA Baby Daddy) gifted me a six month subscription to a locally-run “Mom N’ Tot Box” (http://momandtotbox.com/) and I received my first box in January, I WAS SOLD! It is fantastic!


How it works:

You can purchase a Monthly box for $45 (one child), or a three month subscription package (one child) for $120. Josh purchased me the sibling Mom ‘N Tot Box, which is $65/Month or $180 for three months.


Why I love it:

I love the idea of shopping small and definitely do when it is at all possible. Along those lines, Etsy is such a fantastic place, but, let’s be honest, I get completely overwhelmed with everything that is out there and tend to only shop from stores that I have had good luck with in the past. Each Mom N’ Tot Box is carefully combined to include small shop pieces for each of my boys (by their ages) and a special treat for me. My boys (especially Aiden) get SO excited for it to come and he loves helping me unpack it. Even the packaging it so well done and just feels like a complete gift. This box does not disappoint!

Some pieces I have especially loved:

  • Shirts for the boys (matching) that were so soft and fantastic
  • Montessori style toys
  • A felt rendition of the solar system
  • FANTASTIC roll on essential oils
  • Home-made lotion and lip balm
  • Matching Bow ties (as seen worn by Aiden in our family pictures)


This month’s box featured the following shops:


  • Bugzylove: This was a headband for me. I am SO particular about headbands, they are constantly sliding down or just bugging me and this one is amazing! I will definitely be purchasing more. As a bonus, Aiden claims that I look like wonder woman when I wear it, so, that is a DEFINITE plus.


  • Barrel and a heap: Two pairs of leggings (One for each boy) – the print is fantastic, they are so soft and I have already washed them and they hold up perfectly!


  • Tubby todd: Bubble bath that my boys absolutely approve of. The scent is light and fresh and the bubbles lasted the ENTIRE bath time! Harrison also approves of the way it tastes.


  • Pumpkinsplaythings: An awesome wooden toy. This is not pictured in any of my pictures because they boys were playing with it. It is wonderful though and clearly very well made.
  • Little Wooden Wonders: The boys played with this ribbon ring (one for each of the boys) for the longest time! They love running around with them and letting them flow behind them.


  • Samatha Leigh Designs: A cape for each boy. This might be my favorite thing in the box. The boys immediately put them on and have been wearing them a ton. Seriously, feel free to judge my insanely messy dining room at this moment (momma tries).


Each piece is so unique and box itself is a huge value for the items it contains. This subscription box is well worth the money, I am sold!

THE BEST NEWS: Coupon Code

And because the owner of Mom N’ Tot Box is FANTASTIC, she has provided a coupon code for anyone purchasing their first box. Please use “getstarted10” for 10% off your purchase! THANKS, RANA!

Let me know if you decide to try and, if you do, please let me know what you think!




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