Friday Favorites and Mother’s Day Thoughts

Friday Favorites 01This week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride! Lots of really good days with kiddos, however, I had a minor procedure done that has me in a bit of a funk emotionally. Hopefully, this next week I’ll feel like myself again.

Some favorites from this week:

I finally got my mail organizer hung (thanks Joshua), and am loving the function/style it adds to my entryway. Can’t wait to get my felt wreath and hanging succulents to finish the other side!


I am working on a Gallery Wall in my living room, and am starting to get the design figured out. Can’t wait to get it hung. All of the frames are from Ikea and Target and the buck is from Hobby Lobby.


On Wednesday, Joshua (baby daddy) and I get a date night (THANK YOU GRANDMA) and this week, we went on a quick errand and then had terribly unhealthy food and a fantastic drink.


Another favorite is this ridiculous dog. She is so tolerant with the boys. I can’t imagine life without her!

This guy right here is a favorite every week. He is so independent lately, and just growing up so much. I miss my little boy, but, am loving watching him grow and mature! Also, my house is a disaster #mamatried


So, I am also including some thoughts on Mother’s Day this year. I posted this on my Instagram, and thought I would share it here as well:

Motherhood came before I was ready. I had only been married a month and had so many plans for the next five years. I was planning on traveling Europe, continuing my progression up the career ladder, running a marathon, figuring out who I was, etc.

Aiden didn’t wait for me to run a marathon or become comfortable in my own skin, Aiden had other plans. For so much of my pregnancy, I mourned the life I felt I had lost. It was so hard to prepare for a baby when I felt like I was watching my body change against my will.

When Aiden came, after 24 hours of natural labor, 4 hours of pushing and 30 minutes of vacuum extraction, he was blue and unresponsive. The next days were a blur as they explained that his lung had been popped and that I couldn’t hold him. Again, I was watching from outside my body, but, this time, every fiber of my being wanted the chance to be Aiden’s mom.

I’ve never looked back. Since having him, I have accomplished many of the items on my “pre baby” list – I have continued in my career progression, I have ran a marathon (actually two), but, the only title that matters to me is “mom”.

And, how lucky am I that I have such amazing women in my life to look up to and try to emulate as a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day all!





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