Friday Favorites – Week Recap!

Friday Favorites 01

This week has been a big one – lots of decorating happening at our new house (I FINALLY made some decisions and starting hanging things on our walls), a night overnight at Great Wolf Lodge with some of Aiden’s friends from his preschool and an 18 month checkup for Harry!


I am so beyond obsessed with everything felt. I mean, I’d probably wear a dress made out of it. Seriously, Anthropologie, get on it. Anyway, I found a fantastic shop on Etsy called Sugar Snap Felt Florist. I purchased a felt letter “H” that I incorporated in my all white gallery wall and recently purchased two succulent holders, and a wreath that is seriously life changing. You may not have realized that your life could be changed by felt, I get that, you now know.


Night at Great Wolf Lodge

We had the chance to stay mid-week at Great Wolf Lodge with some of the families from Aiden’s school and it was actually fantastic. I was worried that it would just be a zoo, kids wouldn’t sleep well and that it would be folksy. Going mid-week was perfection, it was busy, but, not overly crazy. The kids were WIPED out from so much swimming and ended up sleeping great. The place itself definitely had folksy elements, but, it had an in house Starbucks (praise Jesus) and a spa which I didn’t check out but definitely will next time. If you live close to a Great Wolf Lodge and have young kids, I definitely suggest checking it out!





I purchased a speed training plan from a running coach I have followed for a long time on Instagram and I am loving it! I am fionishing up week four and am really excited with my progress.

Hope you all had a great week!





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