Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01


There are so many horrible events in the news the last few days. I have no answers, but, my heart truly hurts with those that are hurting.

A quick edition of Friday Favorites

I am so excited that this weekend I get to go away with Joshua (aka Baby Daddy) for a night (THANK YOU GRANDMA). I am looking forward to enjoying adult beverages, good food and adult conversation!

Currently Decorating

This week has a big week in terms of making some flipping decorating decisions and getting a few things on the wall. My desk upstairs is one of my happy places. Josh made me this desk last year for Mother’s Day out of reclaimed lumber and incorporated metal legs, and it just makes me so happy. I knew that the decorations that I picked to hang above the desk I had to absolutely love because it is such a happy place for me.



And the details:

The corkboard, I put together out of a shadow box and cork tiles. The framed quote, I purchased from a little boutique and the vertical floral garden is from my fav shop – Flohra Shop


Kid Room Decorations

I also started on Aiden’s room and had fun designing this fun wall.


Kid Moments

Love having this guy in a backpack (except for when he pulls my hair).

These boys looooove their daddy.


Currently in my Free Time

So much studying… I am sitting for an exam in a month (gulp) which is the first of three to get my Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM), so, a lot of my free time has looked like this.


Have a lovely weekend all!



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