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  • Do most women default to judgment of each other, not understanding?
  • Does the balancing effort not get easier? Just when I think I am handling work like a boss, I realize I forgot my baby in the grocery store (obviously kidding, but, you get what I mean right?)
  • Is the road to finding self confidence so bumpy? Some days I  do so well loving my body, and others, I nitpick every aspect (who am I kidding, most days, I end up nitpicking).
  • Does each day go by so slowly, and yet the years are flying by? How do I have a six year old, and when did I turn 30? Ensue anxiety that I am 30.
  • Is the road to growth and self discovery so long? I want to be who I am intended to be but still have so much work to do on myself. Mental note, book a counseling session.
  • Is it so hard to grow and foster meaningful friendships? I have lost some friendships that break my heart and others that need investment, but, I have nothing of myself to give.

You look at my social media and may not know that every above bullet runs through my head every. single. day.

NO ONE has it all together.

Love yourself, or like me, just try.




3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I am always ten seconds away from everything falling apart and I just have to take care of me. I wish all women (not married, married, with children, childless, lgbtq, women of color, etc) would give themselves a little more breathing room and be more gentle with themselves. It’s hard out there. Excellent blog post, Katie!

  2. I so badly want to write something mindblowingly encouraging and comforting…but it’s just not there, that’s not my gift. So I’m just going to send you a huge virtual hug and the best cup of warm comforting coffee in the world as I empathize with you. You are the epitome of strength Katie, keep fighting! ❤️

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