Growing up, activity was not my deal. I tried a couple of sports to reiterate what I already knew; I was not gifted in the area. Now, I didn’t sit around and dwell that I caught my foot nearly every time I tried to hurdle, or that I continually got caught in games of tag, I just moved on. I sang in every choir, played the piano and focused on school and friends. On top of that, I had a super awesome set of glasses and frizzy hair, let’s just say the boys couldn’t get enough of me!

Fast forward a few years and I am a junior in college. My college career was hectic to say the least. Often times I working multiple jobs, had a heavy course load, and many competing obligations. I found solace in cigarettes, eating, and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

The funny thing about a liberal arts college is that they place value in a well-rounded graduate. Meaning, even though I was majoring in finance and accounting, they wanted this girl to try something different….To fulfill my physical education requirement, I signed up for a one credit running course. If you can kind of see where this is going, think again. This is not a story of how I started running, realized I was amazing and have since continued on to run Boston, the Olympics, etc. I sucked. Like real bad. The very first run was a three mile easy jog around campus and I thought I was going to die. I came back and had diarrhea and threw up. That’s right folks; this is not a pretty picture. I was lying on the floor of a public restroom, praying, that I would not die (I may have been slightly dramatic). My body was in full and complete shock. Over the course of the term, kicking and screaming (and getting out of class ANY chance I got), I did slightly improve. All of the sudden, I could run the three miles, certainly not fast, but, I could run them.

From that point on until graduation, I kept up some sort of fitness routine, but, never fully committed. I did recognize its stress combatting benefits and for that reason, would occasionally take a spinning class, weightlifting, etc. For the most part, I remained fairly out of shape.

Soon after I graduated from college, I had one of the most amazing and life changing months of my life – I was offered a full-time Civilian job with the Department of the Army and my boyfriend of a year and a half proposed. CRAZINESS! For some reason, within a month or two of starting my dream job and beginning to wedding plan, an ununexplained fire was lit under my hiney and I wanted to get in shape. Not just in shape, I wanted to be a smoldering knockout on my wedding. Department of the Army is one of the most amazing agencies to work for and has resources such as civilian trainers whose primary goal is to assist the service men, but, in their extra time can work with civilians and military spouses. I met the most amazing trainer who really took me on as her mission. I began to meet with her, and a group of military spouses, 4+ times a week and once a month we took our measurements and body fat percentages. I went from 152 pound at 5’6’’, and 29% body fat to 130 pounds on me wedding day (1 year later) and 17% body fat. I was elated! My goals had been reached and I was in amazing shape!

The thing about fitness, is, you can’t reach a goal and just stay there. You tend to, at some point, plateau. My wedding was four years ago and I have since had a wonderful child, changed jobs, moved, etc. Life happens! I have had multiple plateaus over the years. However, along with plateaus, I have also had the amazing opportunity of running countless 10ks, four half marathons and two full marathons. Exercise is no longer something I do to just stay in shape; it is a hobby, a stress relief and huge source of joy for me. I would say this outlook is a pretty significant change from the way I once viewed my painful three mile jog around my college campus.

With the blog, I am intending to document my plateaus, explore ways to overcome them and hopefully inspire and be inspired by others in the process. Thanks for finding me! Please read on.


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      1. Always learning but too trivial to share except to say that, just like running/exercising, you’re bound to hit a plateau when it comes to blogging too. So enjoy it while you can and hopefully that joy will carry you thru the plateaus. 🙂

  1. My only advice is to keep everything fresh and interesting! I ran the Richmond marathon last Saturday in a one-piece turkey outfit and it was the most fun 26.2 miles I’ve ever participated in (post is coming shortly!). Good luck with your continued transformation, it never has a finish line!

    1. That is AMAZING! I hope you are planning on posting pictures! I definitely need to get back to the fun or running. Taking a little break from the long runs right now is nice. I am hopefully getting reacquainted with the sport that I love so much. Have you hit a running plateau before?

      1. Oh I hit plateaus all the time. I’m a big triathlete on top of being a runner so I hit plateaus in swimming, biking and running. It’s easy because I can just change sports for a few weeks and come back to it later while still keeping fitness. I find that I often have big breakthroughs when I focus on form rather than miles/time. I had a big breakthrough in swimming after watching my swim stroke analysis and a big change in my running after reading about forefoot striking. It’s not too bad as long as you know there’s always a higher tier!

  2. Wow what an awesome story! I have yet to will a marathon but it’s on the list for 2014. Hopefully it will be the Portland marathon! Exercising is a huge hobby of mine as well as a stress reliever!

    1. I have heard great things about the Portland marathon, however, it generally rains every year :/ one of the reasons I chose Eugene and San Francisco to run. I don’t mind running in the rain but for 26.2 miles it’s a bit annoying!

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