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Leadership, Harry Potter and TED

Over the last few months – the concept for this post has been swirling in my mind. Each experience, I am going to reference in this post has in some way shaped my theory of the importance of space.

I recently was selected and attended a fantastic Leadership training with my agency, where I had the chance to hear from our leadership team. One presenter mentioned that the noise in our life (daily obligations, balancing priorities, drama) can take away or impair our ability to innovate.

This week, I listened to an early NPR interview with the great J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, where she discussed how the idea of Harry Potter came to her. She described a four-hour train ride that she took by herself, returning to London after flat hunting with her then-boyfriend. She describes looking out the window and the idea of Harry just coming to her.

I have also listened to multiple TED talks lately on mindfulness. Each one discussed the importance of breathing, the mind/body connection, and emphasized the importance of focusing internally, and slowing down.

Also, at my counselor’s suggestion, I read Daring Greatly, written by the incredible Brene Brown. She is a shame researcher and has, through a personal breakdown (or breakthrough), discovered the importance of vulnerability in relationships, and its connection to creativity.

Each example I mentioned has a key takeaway
• Awareness of the noise in our life
• Taking time to look out the window
• Focusing internally and slowing down
• The importance of vulnerability and its connection to creativity

So, as I thought about the connection between each of these takeaways, one word kept coming to me – Space. Space, when prioritized, can create room in our mind and in our day for innovation, creativity and personal growth. Space, when paired with vulnerability, can result in the development and deepening of meaningful relationships.

This blog has been such an incredible outlet for me to process my thoughts, write about them, and then open myself (in many cases) to criticism. In many ways, this has been an ongoing experiment in space and vulnerability. The act of exposure is terrifying, vulnerability is terrifying, but I believe that vulnerability is worth it. The growth I am experiencing in myself, in my relationships and in my work, reminds me that each raw moment is worth it.

I would challenge each of you (if you have read this far) to also be raw. Put “a toe in the water” with someone and share a tiny bit more. Create the space in your mind to explore and speak nicely to yourself when you do.

I am finding that the process of growth, as cheesy as it sounds, is the destination. I no longer want to get there and be there, I want to get there and get there again and hopefully inspire someone in the process.


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